Contact Lens Fitting and Aftercare

Contact lens fitting and aftercare There is a wide range of contact lenses available in the market (e.g. soft lenses, rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, silicone hydrogel lenses and color contact lenses, etc). The public can easily get access to these products, however, lenses of different brand may possess different characteristics. Apart from the prescription, lens curvature and diameter parameters of contact lens, there are other factors including lens material, stiffness, oxygen transmissibility and care regime which may affect the health of our eyes. Wearing inappropriate contact lens would greatly increase the risk of having eye inflammation and infection, which may result in loss of sight in severe cases.

Therefore, we should not wear contact lenses without going through a proper contact lens fitting assessment. A proper contact lens fitting by optometrists can help to evaluate the eyes’ condition and select the suitable lenses. Education on proper modality and care procedure of lenses is also important. Attending scheduled follow-up appointments after contact lenses dispensing can reduce the chances of having adverse effects induced by contact lens wear.